Friday, May 22, 2009

Books, Buses, and Babes...okay babes is pushing it, but the alliteration is awesome.

5-21-09 12:20 AM

It has been almost a week since my last post, and I am sorry about not keeping ya’ll up to date. This lack of blogging is caused by my hectic schedule, not by my forgetfulness. I promise. It has been such a long time I am having trouble remembering what all I have done since my last post.

Last Saturday the entire Auburn class went to Canterbury, the home of the Archduke of Canterbury, the head of the Anglican Church, and also the destination of the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales. We went to Canterbury because our teacher is obsessed with Chaucer, lets just say he wears a Canterbury Tales neck tie on a regular basis. Canterbury is about an hour and half from London and it was a beautiful train ride through the countryside. Once one is out of London it becomes rural quickly. We toured the cathedral and the city for about 4 or 5 hours. Canterbury is very small and very lovely, a stream runs through the middle of it, and the stream is full of trout. The guys walked through a park where we saw two strange looking teenagers walking their ferrets. Actually they were dragging their ferrets, we could hear the ferrets claws scratching against the asphalt as their “masters” pulled them along. Ferrets are dumb pets.

Once we got back to London we decided to go out to a local pub called The Volunteer. I had a great time there, then made the worst decision I have made on the entire trip. I agreed to go to Piccadilly Circus and try and find a place that stayed open a little later. The tubes close at midnight so we had to take a bus. We waited for about fifteen minutes at the bus stop and during that waiting we lost half of our crowd. They decided they were too tired. In hindsight I was too tired too. It was now just me and four girls: one girl from University of Florida, one from LSU, one from the University of South Carolina, and one from a small school in Wisconsin. We finally got on a bus and made it to Piccadilly Circus and went to a place called Club Storm. I hate Club Storm. Club Storm is one of those places that you hear exist in Europe, but you aren’t really sure if they are as bad as they sound. They are worse. Techno music was screaming out of the speakers and half the people were making out on the dance floor and the other half were strange looking men with mullets. We stayed for about an hour and left at 1:45. On the way out the girl from South Carolina saw a friend from USC and of course she joined in on our party. We are now a party of six, really only two because four of the girls are drunk. We walk around for about an hour trying to find a bus station with a bus that will take us home. We can’t. Well the whole time was not searching, we (myself and the girl from LSU) also spent some of the time making sure the girls kept their shoes on and telling them it was not a good time for pizza. Finally, I hailed a cab and we all piled in, the problem is London cabs only hold five. I got out and told the Cabbie to take the girls to Regent’s Park. He says okay and starts to pull away when the door opens and Hope, the girl from LSU, gets out and says she is staying with me. I am a little upset, but Hope is by far the most level headed out of all the other girls, so I finally give in. We walk around for about another hour and finally find the right bus stop. We get on the bus and start heading home. Hope and I are just sitting on the bus and talking when I notice that I don’t recognize anything anymore. I get up and ask the bus driver who informs me that we missed our stop about ten minutes ago. Who know you had to tell the bus driver to stop at your station? She stops the bus and Hope and I cross the street to the other bus stop and wait for the bus to come back by. We are in northwest London all by ourselves, except for these four German guys waiting at the stop and throwing full Heinekens in the road so cars run over them. After about twenty minutes another bus picks us up and we make it back to Regent’s Park. We walked back to the school at 4:45 as bird were chirping and the sun was coming up.

The next morning I woke up after very little sleep and went to All Souls Church. It was a wonderful service and sermon. It was an expository sermon, which are always okay with me. The church was extremely international, there were almost as many Asians as white people. I went to bed very early Sunday night.

The next day I meet up with Camilla and some of the other Auburn folks and had a great time hanging out with them. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I was doing school work almost all day, including writing my first paper while being over here. I did take a break on Wednesday and went to some of the really fancy men’s stores and looked at price tags. I also went in the Beretta store where I picked up a gun that cost 300,000 USD. Pocket Change.

Right now, it is Thursday night and I am laying in a bed at a hostel in Vienna, Austria. I am staying in a hostel by myself, my three traveling partners are in a different hostel about two miles down the road. It is a long story. This is my first ever hostel experience and so far so good. While I was typing this a girl from Korea who is sleeping on my top bunk leaned down and asked if she could “tern de wights off?” A couple of minutes ago three guys walked in and walked over to the window and smoked some weed. I am probably second hand high right now, which I am not sure is even possible. The hostel I am staying in is very clean and the staff has been very friendly. The only problem so far is that it is about the temperature of the sun in here, oh and the internet doesn’t work (I am typing this on Word and am going to post it later). You just can’t beat fifteen euros a night.

Hopefully Austria will be exciting, it has to be. The three other guys and myself don’t speak a lick of German. I don’t even know how we made it to our hostels with out getting terribly lost. Lets just hope I don’t have to take the bus anywhere.

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