Sunday, June 7, 2009

List Number Three

Here is another list of anecdotes, things I have learned, and other things I deem worthy.

-I still hate clubs. Anything with music playing so loud one can't carry on a conversation is a club. London is full of them and I have yet to have an enjoyable experience at one. They are perfect places for people with zero social skills to hang out. No talking required and manners are thrown out too. Just sit, drink, and bounce around. Plus, clubs can have covers as high as fifteen pounds--almost twenty-five dollars. Awful.

-Pubs are wonderful. They don't play overly loud music and the casual setting encourages conversation. The food is good and of course the drinks are good too. My favorite pub is The Volunteer. The Volunteer has a friendly staff, the best food I have had in London (their Sunday roasts are unbelievable), the drinks are not overpriced, great atmosphere, and board games. Yes, board games. Last night the guys went and enjoyed a few drinks and played Trivial Pursuit for a couple hours. A great time was had by all. Oh and my favorite part of all is pubs close at midnight, meaning one gets in bed at a reasonable hour. Why can't every where close at midnight?

-We played Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition and the UK version at that. I probably batted about .100. So hard. Here is sample question: What is a humuhumunukunukuapuaa, one of the official symbols of Hawai'i? I did not make that up. Not only do you have to be a genus to answer the questions, but also to read them.

-It has been a true blessing getting to meet people from all over. I have had legitimate conversations with people from Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Tajikistan, Austria, England, Serbia, Canada, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, and the North. They make me feel so dumb for not being fluent in at least one other language.

-The key to taking good pictures is...take thousands with a good camera. Chances are at least ten will be worth looking at later.

-There are eight different types of coins. Way too many. You can hear me coming from miles away. Cling clang cling clang cling clang. It took awhile to get used to coin money that is actually valuable. I had to constantly remind myself that at times I had about fifteen dollars worth of change in my pocket, and that I shouldn't just throw it on my desk and forget about it.

-It is still cold here. Yesterday I don't think it reached 55 degrees here and it can be cloudy for long periods of time.

-I am starting to feel like a local, at least a little. Today I took the tube to church and then walked about a mile back after church and not once did feel lost or out of place, I didn't even use my handy map. There have been times when I have walked all over the city by myself and even eaten by myself. True signs of a non-tourist. The other day I gave directions to a actually tourist. Yeah.

-Everyone needs friends like Dana White and Lindsay Patton--friends that keep things from getting too serious. There is never a dull moment when those two are around...

This upcoming week is going to be my most busy as far as school work goes. I have two papers due and a lot of reading, but then this weekend I head to Paris. I just checked the weather for Paris and it looks perfect--mid 70's and not a cloud in the sky. We should have fun. Well it is Sunday, so off to The Volunteer for a Sunday Roast.

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