Monday, June 8, 2009

Pounds and Dollars...Lots of 'um.

Here is a perfect story of how expensive England is. I realized that today was going to be a super busy day and that I didn't have time to wash my clothes. However, I really needed to wash my clothes--same boxers for the past three days. A couple days ago I noticed a place that washed clothes for you about ten minutes from the school, so I thought I will just take my clothes there and if it cost ten or fifteen pounds it isn't too big of a deal, it will cost me five pounds to wash them at the school. Plus, folding clothes is my least favorite chore in the world so it would be nice to have someone else do that for me. I crammed all my clothes, I have way more clothes than I thought, into my laundry bag and took off through the streets of London with my laundry bag over my shoulder like Santa Claus. The walk is about a ten minute walk, but it is a very nice walk, part of it is through the park. I got to the cleaners and set my bag on the counter and the little Chinese woman told me she would have them ready on Friday. Friday? It takes four days to wash two loads? These better be the best washing machines in the world, ones that never wrinkle my dress shirts, press my pants, fold my socks, and make everything smell like heaven. Literally heaven. Then I remembered I am going to be in Paris on Friday and that I would need them sooner. I finally got her down to Wednesday, still two days, but better. She then rang it up and informed me it cost 44.20. What? 44 pounds? That is 70 dollars! I looked at her and simply said, "Never mind" and walked, Santa Claus style, through London back to wash my own clothes. I guess that is what you get for being lazy.

70 Dollars!

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